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Preliminary Information Regarding a Short-term Online Course on "University Engagement with Community"
May 5, 2020 • BKK NEWS - बी.के.के. न्यूज़ (सम्पादक - राधेश्याम चौऋषिया) • स्वास्थ-शिक्षा-व्यापार


As you know the educational institutions are undergoing a crisis due to COVID-19. As a response and for the purpose of continuing their activities the organizations have resorted to measures like shifting their activities to online mode. Various organizations are offering short-term courses for the faculty members, students and research scholars. One such short term course on “University Engagement with Community" has been proposed to be organized by Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), an organization engaged in community development aspects. The course shall be started on May 15, 2020 through online. PRIA has sought AIU collaboration in conducting the course. The participants of the Course shall be the faculty members, NSS workers, social work related professionals and those who are engaged in community development related activities. We have requested PRIA to conduct the course free of cost. This is just preliminary information. The details of the course and letter from AIU inviting participation from AIU member universities will be sent to you soon as the same is details are received from PRIA.

May I request your goodself to circulate this information though departmental circulation or putting on Notice Board for informing your faculty members and students to be ready for registration and participation in the said course.

We are sure with your active cooperation and timely information; we shall be able to received good response for the course.

With regards,

Dr Amarendra Pani
Joint Director & Head
Research Division
Association of Indian Universities
New Delhi

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With regards 
Vikram University 

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